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National Marine Institute's Ocean Science, Marine Biology and Conservation classes are an ideal resource for students trying to earn Merit Badges, achieve competency levels or complete specific project requirements from outside organized groups.

All of our classes may be structured to meet badge and project requirements.  Click below to find out more about your group or organization:

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Girl Scout Merit Badges

4-H Projects

Other Group Merit Badges

Please contact us at marineinstitute@msn.com to add your group or organization requirements to this page.

Boy Scout Merit Badges

All of our instructors are registered with the Boy Scouts and are qualified to teach the skills and materials required to earn the following Merit Badges.  Each badge has its own set of requirements.  Please click the links to obtain a printable worksheet for each badge.  This worksheet should be completed by the student.  Use your browser's Back Arrow or Button to return to this page.


Environmental Science



Fish and Wildlife Conservation



Mammal Studies









For more information about Boy Scout Merit Badges, please contact the Boy Scouts of America or refer to the Merit Badge Research Center.


Girl Scout Merit Badges

Several Girl Scout Merit Badges may be earned through National Marine Institute's Education Program, including the Water Wonders and Oil Up badges.  Please consult with your individual Instructor to discuss each badge requirement.

Additional information about Girl Scout Merit Badges may be found at the Girl Scouts of America website and in the Junior Girl Scout Handbook and Badge Book.


4-H Projects

Many 4-H Environmental Education Projects, including several from the  Aquatic / Marine Science and Earth Science categories,  may be accomplished by students when they attend and participate in our Ocean Science Classes and FREE Educational Field Trips.  Some of these projects include:

Project Codes             Project Name

ME1                             Aquatic and Marine Ecosystem Projects:

ME3                             Fisheries and Aquarium Projects

ME4                             Wetlands Project

ES1                             Earth Science Projects

ES2                            Soil, Water, and Land Use Projects

Other Group Merit Badges

Individual Merit Badge or Project classes may be arranged with our Educators as necessary.  We encourage you to discuss additional information or subject matter that is not fully covered in our regular Marine Biology and Ocean Science Program.  Our Instructors will structure the class so that the student is able to fulfill all necessary requirements of the badge or project. 

A copy of the official registration (#SC-07042) and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer services by calling 1-800-435-7352 within the State of Florida.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State of Florida.  National Marine Institute receives 100% of your contribution and does not utilize professional solicitors or services for fundraising activities.

Send mail to marineinstitute@msn.com with questions or comments about this web site.        

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